A UK Christian ministry, which teaches and ministers exclusively on the insights that God has given Pastor Henry Wright of Be in Health Global™, USA.


I am Nimmi Hind, the founder of Grow in Health™, a UK Christian ministry, which teaches and ministers exclusively on the insights that God has given Pastor Henry Wright of Be in Health Global™, USA.

I first heard about Pastor Henry Wright in early 2008, through a friend. My daughter had been ill with severe Eczema for a year and a half when my friend mentioned Be in Health™ which deals with issues of sanctification and spiritual roots of disease.

In November 2008, my husband Matthew, went to hear Pastor Henry at Ellel Ministries™ in Pierrepont, Surrey and was convicted of the need to deal with fear in his life. He then went on a week-long Be in Health™ Programme, where he recognised how fear had been at work in his life and in the lives of his parents. He took responsibility for serving fear, repented and renounced his involvement with fear to Father God. Fear was then cast out of him and within two weeks of this, without anyone praying for her, our daughter's eczema healed of its own accord!

I was (and am) so grateful to God and amazed at how our daughter was healed when her father had dealt with the generational iniquity of fear in his life. This marked the beginning of my involvement with Be in Health™ ministries. Since then, I have been healed of eczema, asthma, cold sores, high cholesterol & delivered from addictions.

My healing and deliverance came as I recognised, took responsibility, repented and renounced the sin spiritual roots that were behind these diseases and addictions. The teachings of Be in Health™ helped me to do this because it helped me with the practical application of the Scriptures. Dealing with the spiritual sin roots in my life has, in turn, led to the progressive sanctification of my spirit, soul and body.

More recently, since August 2017, I have lost 22 pounds weight as a result of recognising that a lack of nurture and a lack of love in my childhood, were the reasons for my addiction to food and other false comforters. Through the Father's love teaching and ministry, which is part of the Be in Health programme, God healed me of a broken heart and filled me with the knowledge of His amazing love for me. As I share my heart freely and fully with Him, He continues to make up for all my lack of nurture and love!

Our battle is not with ourselves or with other people. Our battle is with that Ephesians 6:12 kingdom whose plan is to bring desolation to many generations. But thanks be to God for sending His son Jesus who has destroyed the work of the evil one. Through Him, we can personally defeat the enemy in our lives!

Since our daughter's dramatic healing, my family has been out to the campus of Be in Health™ ministries in Thomaston, Georgia,USA in 2010 and again in 2015 benefiting from all the Programmes that they have, as well as sharing their passion for the teaching and ministry they offer.

In 2010, God put a desire in me to bring the teachings and ministry of Be in Health™ within the UK to enable those in this country who, for various reasons, are unable to fly out to the USA. So, in early 2012, after receiving full copyright permission from Be in Health™ USA to use their material, I was led to start a UK ministry called Grow in Health™.

I want to honour & thank Father God for His goodness to my family and I, and know that because He loves everyone equally, what He has done for us, He can do for you!   

Our next event

For Your Life

27th to 31st August 2018  

Alton House Hotel, 57 Normandy Street, Alton, Hants, GU34 1DW (Tel: 01420 80033) 

Monday 8:50am to 5:30pm & 7-9pm
Tuesday 8:50am to 6:00pm 
Wednesday: 8:50am to 6:00pm  
Thursday 8:50am to 5:30pm & 7-9pm
Friday 8:50am to 1:00pm & 2:00pm to 4pm

Course fee: £350 per person (excluding accommodation and food) 

Speakers: Nimmi Hind and friends 

For further details, please contact;
 Tel: 07871 191888


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