A UK Christian ministry, which teaches and ministers exclusively on the insights that God has given Pastor Henry Wright of Be in Health Global™, USA.


 The teaching on Father’s Love on the first night was such a blessing especially when our brothers took the place of our fathers and repented to us for the love we had not received. However, it came as a bit of a shock to learn, through the intense teaching, that I had been lied to all my life by Satan and his kingdom and even as a believer I had agreed with these lies, in direct disobedience to God’s word, and so sickness had followed. It was very helpful to discern where things such as rejection, fear, unloving spirits, self-hatred etc. had found an entry into my life and to realise how these sins manifested. It was hard to learn that God holds us responsible when we agree with Satan’s lies. After having previously repented and renounced spirits with which we had agreed, there was a time of corporate deliverance which was very powerful. We were given tools to enable us to come into freedom and were shown where there could be blocks to healing. There was great emphasis on renewing our minds from Satan’s mind sets to God’s mind sets, and instructions on how to walk out into freedom to enable us to apply new-found truth to our lives. I feel there is a great deal of work to do on my part in constantly being on the alert to recognise Satan’s lies and refusing them by taking every thought captive and casting them down. Already I feel there has been some release which is an encouragement. I was also able to be baptised, along with other brothers and sisters, to recommit my life to Papa God which was a wonderful experience. The love of Matthew and Nimmi and their care of us was a huge part of the course. They really gave of themselves unstintingly, including preparation of healing profiles prior to the course and ministering to us afterwards. My prayer is that the Church at large may understand this teaching and be set free to become the spotless Bride of Christ. 

M.D. Brighton

 Dear Matthew and Nimmi,
We want to thank you for your loving service to us during our week with you in Alton. We so appreciate the sacrifice of your time, energy and commitment. Thank you for your love, compassion and sensitivity to us. We both feel that God has used you to open our eyes and hearts to things we didn’t understand before. As we read God’s word NOW, the words on the page jump out with new meaning and having a fresh insight of the greatness of the Father’s love for us has been very precious too. Your constant reminder to us that, whatever the sin, we are not condemned when we recognise and repent of it was very reassuring. Thank you for giving us the tools. This is a new chapter in our lives, which we are very excited about, and with God’s help and empowering we look forward to all the great things He has stored up for us and in His strength meet the challenges that will come – and we know there will be many. The battle is on and we want to be ready 24/7! “…."in all things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us” Rom 8:37. We wish God’s blessings upon you. 

Mr & Mrs T, Hampshire

 This experience in my life is extraordinary! My 'Walk Out' is amazingly releasing, revelatory and freeing to be all God wants me to be. During this teaching and hunger for more, I am realising more and more how I have 'partnered' with a spirit of Fear, Accusation, Rejection, Unloving spirit and as I read the Word, listen to Henry Wright teaching and after 2 'For Your Life' courses, I honestly am achieving the freedom that Christ died on the cross for. I am glorifying God for His word (which is now jumping off the pages!). We HAVE to take captive ALL thoughts (2 Corinthians 10:5). I thought I knew the power in John 10:10 but now the light is constantly shining on the areas of my life that the Holy Spirit is revealing. I am also learning to be much more gentle with myself! The 8 'R's are revelatory too. Praise God for Henry and his and my heart to be part of setting myself free and then to help many others in the body of Christ to be set free. I am continuing my passion for this and being more Holy Spirit led as to what I speak out and what I DON'T! It's quite a tough one and I never want to be judgmental of others, just love them into revelation of the truth. To my sweet and very dear friends and glorious mentors. I cannot describe the change your teaching, care, love and support has meant to me on my journey of being God's Ambassador for the body of Christ and all whom God places in my path and life. This teaching has consumed me through God's Word. The way Matt and Nimmi - you both teach all this invaluable material - was incredible. Matt - your delivery of so much was clear, caring, powerful, Holy Spirit led and doubly impacted me from the first course at Ellel led by Scott and John. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. To know you are there for me is wonderful. My neurons of all my fears, self-doubt, unloving spirit, guilt, rejection etc etc!!! ARE DYING and not without a fuss and fire-crackers!!! At least I know I've repented and dealt with them and thanks Matt - I am now taking my peace. 

Love you guys. Mrs D, South Wales

 The ongoing theme is 'taking thoughts captive to Christ' and discerning what is coming from where. Also learning not to beat myself up when I fail again. I don't like going into new situations without knowing the norms of behaviour and it was a challenge driving for the Olympic volunteering and speaking French. Initially I was taking thoughts (i.e. fear) captive and trusting God, but I did begin to succumb to grumbling at the end, and didn't finish well. But I have the option to pick myself up and start again, and do battle with self-pity and perfectionism.

Mrs S, Surrey

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